How much will it cost?

​Please refer to the Registration Link for detailed information regarding our pricing for the upcoming season. The prices may fluctuate from year to year based on our facility use charges and cost of uniforms.

What are the team sizes?

Flag Football team sizes will range from 8 players up to 10.
Rookie Tackle teams sizes will range from 12 players up to 16.
Tackle Football team sizes will range from 16 players up to 25.
Please refer to the Football and Cheer Team Policies for additional details, which can be found in the Important Documents section of our website.

What are the player eligibility requirements?

All eligibility requirements are subject to the rules, restrictions, and guidelines of our parent organization that the NYSA is partnered with. All children that attend a school in the Northwest Independent School District (NISD) that meet all other NYSA boundary requirements are eligible. As a rule, any school that feeds into Northwest HS or Eaton HS will be within the NYSA boundaries.  

The NYSA is a "grade pure" association having a tackle football team for each age group in grades 3-6th. For flag football we will have a "grade pure" 2nd grade team, and mixed teams of Kinder and 1st graders. 

Additionally, there is a max age restriction for each grade level, however players can request to play up one grade level with approval of the NYSA board. If a player plays up for more than 2 consecutive years then they are locked into playing up each year until their 6th grade year.  Eligibility is determined based upon the players age and grade as of September 1 of the playing year. (Please see the grid below for reference.)